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Episode 2: Dreamer's Delight featuring Marc Boyd, founder of Feed A Starving Artist
In this episode: Dreams, art, support and politics... it blends well, believe us!
We know there are times well-intended voters find themselves in the voter's booth staring down at a screen full of people they do not know. Politics can be a tough lane to navigate and getting to know your local politicians can be challenging. Join us for episode #2 where we talk with Marc Boyd, founder of Atlanta's own Feed A Starving Artist- an artistic and political collaboration that combines to bring local politicians into the communities in which they serve and put a few coins in local artists’ pockets.
If you’re in the Atlanta area, do something constructive with your club money and Feed A Starving Artist on March 3rd.  Support the collective and learn more about politics in your local Atlanta community. We will see you there. #FeedAStarvingArtist
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