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Episode No. 1

In this episode: building, business and billions. Not bad for the first show.

I've always been a big fan of A Different World. I can recall countless mornings, afternoons and evenings laying on the floor, palms cradling my head looking up into the TV fantasizing about my sorority sisters, about professors who knew me (for real for real), about the pit, the guys (yaass Dawayne Wayne! No judgement, there's something cute about the cool nerdy annoying type lol) and all the cool and quirky friends I'd have.


I can remember one episode in particular where the charismatic and oh-so-soulful, Freddie found herself hosting a radio show that NO ONE tuned in to. Being the clever creative she was, she didn't let the lack of listeners stop her. Instead, she transformed herself into a colorful island gal. "Helooooo we’re ‘hon de ‘hair"- and just like that the phones began to light up and people tuned into her signal.


Belle and I can relate to Freddie (for me, in way more ways that I care to admit). In this moment we are staking claims on our airwaves and our little corner of the internet. With a climbing heart rate and sweaty palms, we'd like to introduce you to SolSpot Collective and "Helllooooooo, we're 'hon de 'hair."  This is it. These are thoughts, ideas, reactions and perspective from two creatives.


Click here to listen to our very first episode where we talk about life and lessons from one creative who came up with a way to diversify his interests, align his passions and blast off light years beyond being a starving artist. 


Thanks for listening!​

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